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Our next UK event takes place in the Fortune Theatre on 14th June 2017

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14th JUNE 2017 - Breakfast Seminar Event

“What’s the Point of You – And What’s Your Point of View”?

On 14th June this year Maynard Leigh will hold its annual breakfast seminar at the Fortune Theatre in London's West End. 

We’d be delighted if you could attend this year’s event. To register, please go to

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This will be the third Maynard Leigh breakfast seminar in the 'Free the Talent' campaign. 

What’s the point of you? And what’s your point of view? We think these are two vital questions that all Leaders should be able to answer, these days particularly. We also have ideas to share around leadership that can be applied successfully to business.

So why are these questions important - and why now?  Maynard Leigh suggests that we are living in a Trust Recession. The majority of people’s trust in strategic institutions has deteriorated in a way not seen before, according to a revealing report by Edelman. It shows the reduction of trust, and points toward the general population’s suspicion that the overall system is not working for them. Unsurprisingly the Edelman Trust Barometer is also showing a severe lack of trust in the leadership of commercial organisations. 

Research shows that outstanding results in organisations are driven by leaders who inspire high-levels of trust from their people. They promote collaborative working, improve employee engagement and engender customer loyalty. And yet a recent survey showed that over 63% of employees don’t trust their leaders.

Our breakfast seminar, therefore explores how leaders add value and how their principles make an impact. We will offer you tools and tips to help ensure your employees feel Valued, Involved, Developed and Inspired.

Guest Speakers Included

Julie Mangan - Capgemini UK Plc

Julie Mangan acts as the Company Secretary for Capgemini’s UK  & Irish businesses and is Vice President for Corporate Services. During her time with Capgemini, Julie has run  Commercial Operations and was Legal Director for a decade.  Julie was highly commended in the Finals of the search for “Britain’s Best Boss” and as well as acting as Company Secretary.

David MacLeod OBE - Engage for Success Movement

David is the co-chair of the Employee Engagement Task Force launched by the Prime Minister at Number 10 in 2011.  He is a visiting Professor of the Cass Business School, a Fellow of the Ashridge Business School, the Institute of Marketing and of the RSA.  He co-authored the book entitled "The Extra Mile" published by Pearson on the topic of Employee Engagement. 

David is co-author of the "Engaging for Success" Report commissioned by the Department of Business, Innovation, and Skills, described by the CMI as the definitive work on this subject.  This follows an early career where he was Head of Marketing for the Dulux brand before going on to be Managing Director of a European Business and then CEO of a Global business formed through a merger of an ICI and a Unilever business.  He also spent a year and a half working in the Cabinet office and has been a NED of three goverment departments.

David was awarded an OBE for services to Employee Engagement and Business in the Queen's Birthday Honours in June 2013.

The adjacent video captures the highlights from the most recent London seminar.

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Seminar Timings:

The audience will be made up of a wide range of our current clients and new prospects, who are interested in hearing more about Maynard Leigh and our thoughts on leadership.

You can also view a video of our last Breakfast Seminar above. This was filmed in September 2016, during the second Maynard Leigh Leadership seminar in the 'Free the Talent' campaign. It was held at the Playhouse Theatre in London's West End.

Unlocking Potential

"It totally exceeded my expectations. Very hands-on with many techniques to help manage the process of presenting. Really like the way the course put the audience at the heart of the presentation."

Rochelle Jayawardena, Centaur Media

"The benefit and effect was tremendous. It was definitely worth every penny we invested, they are state of the art in what they do."

Brano Hosek, Senior Expert of Group Performance Development Deutsche Telekom

"So today I completed my first presentation, WOW! I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. My nerves were controlled, I used lots of pauses to great effect and most importantly for me; I handled Q&A with ease. I can’t thank you enough for the two days. I would very much describe it as 'one big life changing moment' that will make a huge professional difference but most importantly, will help me be the best person I can."

Simon Dennis, Manager Wickes

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