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Virtual Offering

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has impacted many aspects of our lives, from how we travel to how we carry out day-to-day interactions with those around us. Our work continues, even in this period of uncertainty. We recognise that there are new needs and challenges that your workforce may be facing by leading and working remotely. 
In order to address some of these issues, we have designed new virtual workshops. 
Please kindly contact us to discuss how our virtual offerings can help your team.

Office Operation

We’ve taken the decision to close our Maynard Leigh office to protect the health and well-being of our colleagues and communities.
Our whole workforce are now working remotely and we are devising new ways of staying connected. It is still business as usual for us, but in a new format. We are using emails and video calls as a means of communication.
 This closure unfortunately means that there will be a delay in any Online Books/Cards purchased online. At present we will not be able to dispatch any materials until further notice. Please contact if you have already purchased any items online.

Community Get-together

Maynard Leigh is hosting a virtual get-together for our community every Friday at 16.00 GMT, and we are delighted to invite our clients, suppliers and friends to join us. The Community Get-together – a conversation that makes a difference.
The questions:
• how are we as individuals currently feeling;
• what can we learn from each other about how to cope in this situation
• and how can we remain not just resilient but buoyant?
This is a loosely structured conversation in which we want people to feel heard and understood, engaged and interested and that each person finds something useful and satisfying from the session.
Please get in touch for sign-in details.

Thrive in Chaotic Times

We're running a series on tricks and tips on our LinkedIn page, where our team will share their advice on how to thrive in chaotic times. Follow the series on


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Maynard Leigh has always offered a bespoke service of the highest quality so that they can design solutions that address their client's organisational needs most effectively.

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We have 30 years experience coaching high-ranking and entry-level professionals. Are you looking for more meaning in your career? Are you an experienced professional looking to change careers at 50? Whatever you...

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"So today I completed my first presentation, WOW! I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it."

Simon Dennis, Manager Wickes

"The content is rich. And not what I expected at all. The most impactful course I’ve taken in a long time."

Matthew Lamson, Leader of Inside Sales Worldpay

"Engage and inspire is a great course, better than any other training course I’ve taken…exceeded my expectations"

Jessica Pruncal, Client Manager GFT

"It totally exceeded my expectations. Very hands-on with many techniques to help manage the process of presenting. Really like the way the course put the audience at the heart of the presentation."

Rochelle Jayawardena, Centaur Media

"Extremely interesting, thought provoking, challenging and informative. After preparing a presentation, the feedback and strategies that were given to me will really help me going forward and I will definitely be putting them into practice."

Helen Hubberstey, Area Manager Humankind

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