About Us

"It's in our bones."

Maynard Leigh delivers outstanding behavioural change programmes in the areas of Communication, Leadership and Teams. Since 1989 we’ve been pioneering the use of inspiring ideas from theatre, blended with psychological insight and frameworks for organisational change, to create highly intensive development in companies and in people.

Sharing Our Mission

Through experiential learning and coaching, using accelerated techniques in line with the latest neuroscience research, we unlock the creativity, passion and effectiveness of individuals and therefore the organisations . Whether you want more inspirational leaders , better teams, more effective communications and presentations or a more sustained culture change, we devise solutions that produce results.

Living Our Values

Our purpose is to Unlock People’s Potential and Inspire Greater Impact.

As a company, we also have a higher purpose than just to make a profit or pay the rent! Maynard Leigh exists to promote meaning, humanity and vitality in the workplace.

Our five core values have underpinned our ethos and culture.

We believe these aren't simply empty words.
We aspire to live by these in all that we do.

Our Company Spirit

As well as pursuing our vision for a more humane workplace, Maynard Leigh specifically makes other contributions to the benefit and advancement of society. We allocate a percentage of our profit each year to help fund some of these activities, we match fund contributions from our employees, and we continue to explore opportunities to make other contributions to society.

Our Clients

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