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Andrew Harmel Law – Senior Software Developer and Java / Open Source Team Lead for Capgemini UK took part in a programme Maynard Leigh ran for Capgemini involving a 2 day workshop on Impact, Presence and Gravitas.

This was followed a few months later by a Leadership Challenge where the same group put together a pop-up restaurant, from conception, to serving a three course meal to invited senior Capgemini executives, all in one day.

It was immediately obvious that Andrew was a man with great energy and passion for his role. However his efficacy as a leader was being undermined by a lack of focus in his communications that was depriving them of structure and punch. He heard this feedback with great openness and worked hard throughout the initial workshop, grasping opportunities as they arose to practise speaking to the group: pausing, making eye contact and holding greater authority, without sacrificing his charm and good humour.

By the end of the second day he had made great progress but the real test was plainly whether he could sustain and develop this in the weeks that followed. By the time the restaurant challenge came around, I was delighted to see that he had. And what’s more he has stayed in touch since the event, keeping us updated as he continues to push himself and take on new speaking challenges, both internally and publicly at events in the UK and abroad.

Andrew’s transformational testimonial is portrayed in the following message he recently sent to us...

"I pitched a business-transforming idea to my senior VP yesterday and he loved it, giving myself the licence to take forward a raft of activities.The success of this is all down to the training at Maynard Leigh. Afterwards my manager (who was present) commented on how impressed he was in the way I'd delivered it - "I've been on training" I replied. Thanks again!"

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