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"Back in 2006 Nucleus started with an ambitious goal – to change financial services for the better. We decided we’d have the best chance of doing this if we gathered the brightest, most energetic people we could find and empower every one of them to make a difference.

Ten years later I’m proud to say our goal remains the same and we have created a model that helps financial advisers deliver better financial outcomes for their clients. We are owned, built and driven by financial advisors. Every one of our 178 people works collaboratively with over 2000 financial advisors and each of us looks after £59m of other people’s investments – that is not something we take lightly.

Having worked with Nigel and the team at Maynard Leigh in a previous company, I knew they would be perfect partners to help us evolve our leadership development approach. We have worked together on a number of pieces of work – from individual and team presentation coaching, executive coaching for our most senior leaders and experiential team learning.  Authenticity is one of our values and it was incredibly important to me that we worked with a team who could understand our company, our values and most importantly our clients, and Nigel did just that.

Most recently, we worked together on a two day personal impact and influence programme for our business development team which has been transformational. In just two days, Nigel and the team delivered an experience that our team described as inspirational and life changing.

Nigel is one of the few people in my circle of trust. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him and working with him now for almost 14 years and in that time we’ve worked across multiple organisations, in different projects. What sets Nigel apart is his radical candour, absolute alignment to purpose and skill at knowing how to influence and challenge to truly deliver results. He’s my go-to person for executive development and organisational development projects."

"Working with Maynard Leigh has meant we are better equipped to continue to connect and collaborate with our audience in a meaningful way and most definitely helps us make progress on our ambitious goal."

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