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"As with others in our industry we are experiencing disruptive and seismic changes. Maynard Leigh were given the unenviable task of assisting the Executive Team weave their way through the industry challenges, to enhance the performance of the team itself, and to design creative mental space for the team to evolve themselves individually.

Through the supplier selection process, the evaluation team were unanimous in selecting Maynard Leigh – it was clear that they were prepared to listen, recognise that the process needed to rule the content, and explained that it would take courage to undertake the journey.

Maynard Leigh threaded together a programme over 6 months involving 360 feedback, off-site workshops, reading literature and individual coaching. The programme was internally branded and whilst borrowing Maynard Leigh concepts and ideas, was tailored to our situation and needs.

I can safely say that our Directors have never experienced anything like this before – evidenced by previously unheard of spontaneous applause at the close of the programme.

Don’t underestimate Maynard Leigh’s capability to take you to places you have never been, or thought that you could ever go to. Their facilitation expertise and ability to recognise the unconscious drivers of behaviour is unparalleled. The adeptness to alter the flow and course of events during workshops to respond to the dynamics of the room is expert."

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