Super Speciality Hospital Chain in India

Our Challenge

How can we lead others if we cannot lead ourselves? To be an effective leader at work, one must effectively engage with life.

The largest chain of super speciality hospitals in India invited Maynard Leigh to run a programme around communication and relationships for their company secretaries in 2015. Following the success of this two-day workshop and the tremendous feedback that was received, the chain invited Maynard Leigh back to run a course called Reaching Your Peak for a group of managers.

This organisation did not identify a specific gap in the performance of its employees - they simply wanted first-time managers to experience a learning trajectory in leading.

This group spanned from non-clinical areas such as HR and hospital administration through to doctors and logistics managers, with work experience ranging from two to fifteen years. This made for a wide palette of professionals all in one room.

The Psychology of Peak Performance

Maynard Leigh partnered with the hospital chain by bringing their expertise and methodologies drawn from the worlds of psychology and theatre. Reaching Your Peak is a personal effectiveness and everyday leadership programme which stands on the psychology of "peak performance". At the core of this work lies the belief that we are all unconsciously driven by functional or dysfunctional patterns. To lead others, we must be able to look into our own self and realise where we may be stuck.

"Everyday" Effectiveness vs. "Poster" Effectiveness

What really worked for the programme was that it hit home. The delegates were able to forge deep connections with their personal selves and their lives at work, grounding the workshop in reality. Maynard Leigh was highly applauded by the stakeholders for the experiential learning environment that enabled the connections. It centred itself very honestly around the tasks that each manager undertook on a daily basis, which made the intervention most impactful.

"This is an excellent training and learning process. Not only does it involve everyone, it helps us meet ourselves."

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