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Our Challenge

Following a period of huge restructuring within the centre - a complex of artistic venues in central London - the organisation approached Maynard Leigh with a wish to embark on a management programme for newly appointed and promoted staff members.

The aim was to sharpen the business focus of their staff, as well as providing an opportunity for colleagues to grow within a leadership capacity. Maynard Leigh designed a four-part solution, which started with a 360° profile assessment for each participant. This was followed by three learning modules, with individual coaching sessions in between. By combining tools, practice, individual feedback and reflection, participants were given the tools to grow and develop.

Allowing the new managers time to immerse themselves in the leadership programme gave them the stimuli, capability and confidence to develop their skills. It also readied them for current and future challenges the would face as managers.

Maynard Leigh's training style - mixing practical with theory - was positively received.

"Good range of tools and a good amount of time spent on each task. The leader was responsive to our needs. I now feel much more confident about coaching and having difficult conversations!"

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