Core Courses

We specialise in delivering high quality learning and development programmes

Whether you want leadership and management solutions, better teams, more effective communications and presentations or a more substantial and sustained culture change, we devise solutions that produce results.

Communication Excellence

Communicate with confidence and speak with passion and conviction.

Poor presenting and communication skills continue to undermine people’s ability to influence others and is a huge area of waste in many organisations. For over 27 years we have helped thousands of people to communicate with confidence, and speak with passion and conviction.

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Leadership Development

A radical new approach to management and leadership in the 21st century.

Leaders need to add value wherever they are and produce outstanding performance in rapidly changing and complex times. They need to inspire excellence in their people and in their organisations. Maynard Leigh’s approach to leadership development is renowned for the impact it makes on individuals and the organisations they lead.

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Team Effectiveness

Techniques that enable teams to deliver outstanding results.

Outstanding teams deliver exceptional performance. We use techniques taken from the performance arts where teams have to gel quickly, become more than the sum of their parts, and deliver extraordinary performance. All teams have that potential.

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Blended Learning


Maynard Leigh has always offered a bespoke service of the highest quality so that they can design solutions that address their client's organisational needs most effectively.

Executive Coaching

Since 1989 we have been developing a distinctive Experiential Coaching methodology which delivers outstanding results.

Short Sessions

Our selection of short sessions are perfect for providing learning and development in easy-to-digest half-day chunks.

Tailored / Niche

We are able to tailor our core courses to any additional requirements or specifications that you have.


Online Assessment Tool

We provide online support service tools which help you make the changes you want to make from afar.

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