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Transform your team working by becoming Aligned, Creative, and Exploring. Based on our research of high-performance teams in theatre and business, our online profile tool allows you to collect feedback from all team members to visualise your strengths and weaknesses.

Ace Team Profile

What is an ACE Team?

It’s a team that’s Aligned, Creative and Exploring.

An ACE team profile is an internet-based assessment instrument for highlighting a team’s strengths and development needs. Many companies have used the ACE Team profile and found it helpful in making teams more productive.

To participate, each team member completes an online questionnaire. It’s fast, fun to do and only takes a few minutes. When all team members have entered their views, the result is both a series of individual pictures of the team and an overall team profile. The scores are all anonymous, so each team member can see how their views match or contrast with those of their team.

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Below: the Maynard Leigh ACE Teams team profile results

Below: the Maynard Leigh ACE Teams individual profile results

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