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Find out how your colleagues rate your impact in the work environment with our 360° profile tool. Identify your own personal impact and create a development plan based on self-assessment and objective feedback.

Personal Impact

Are you using the full range of colours from your personality palette? The Maynard Leigh Personal Impact Profile gives valuable feedback on how you come across in a work setting, and explains your personal impact in detailed behavioural terms.

How’s your personal impact?

Your profile uses 10 key behaviours to assess personal impact, and requires five colleagues to complete the feedback document plus one from the individual concerned. The resulting profile provides various feedback charts, a single Index of Personal Impact, statistical tables and free form comments. From the results, you can create a plan of action for your own personal development.

While this profile can be a stand alone tool for one-to-one coaching sessions and for personal development sessions, it is also provided as a follow on support to the Maynard Leigh’s one-day Personal Impact learning event.

To purchase the profile service please contact us on or call +44 207 033 2370.

Below: the Maynard Leigh Personal Impact Big Picture report

Below: the Maynard Leigh Personal Impact supporter table

Below: the Maynard Leigh Personal Impact development plan

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