Communication Excellence. Communicate with confidence and speak with passion and conviction.

Presenting with Presence/Interacting & Influencing/Connecting with Clients/Story Telling/Masterclasses.

  • Presenting with Presence

    Transform your presentation skills and make the impact you deserve...

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  • Personal Impact

    You only get one chance to make a lasting impression...

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  • Boardroom Presence

    Development that supports personal growth for anyone who wants to improve their ability to form effective relationships at a senior level...

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  • Engage & Inspire - Masterclass

    So much of business success depends on our ability to have a positive impact, to communicate dynamically and to engage people...

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Blended Learning


Maynard Leigh has always offered a bespoke service of the highest quality so that they can design solutions that address their client's organisational needs most effectively.

Executive Coaching

Since 1989 we have been developing a distinctive Experiential Coaching methodology which delivers outstanding results.

Short Sessions

Our selection of short sessions are perfect for providing learning and development in easy-to-digest half-day chunks.

Tailored / Niche

We are able to tailor our core courses to any additional requirements or specifications that you have.


Online Assessment Tool

We provide an online 360 tool called 'Personal Impact' to analyse an individual's current capacity as part of their ongoing development with us.

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