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We have 30 years experience coaching high-ranking and entry-level professionals. Are you looking for more meaning in your career? Are you an experienced professional looking to change careers at 50? Whatever you need, we've developed a distinctive Experiential Coaching methodology, to deliver outstanding results.

About Executive Coaching

Since 1989 we have been developing a distinctive Experiential Coaching methodology, which we use to unlock an executive’s potential for delivering outstanding performance.  We know from our history in theatre that talent produces outstanding results through ‘rehearsal’ - the precise alignment of thought, feeling and action. Whatever the issue, this is how people change their behaviour, discover new ways of doing things and expand their range and capability.  

Executives can expect far more from their coach than a fireside chat and time for reflection - important though those aspects can be. Our executive coaches are highly trained in the art of performance coaching, with Maynard Leigh, Executives will receive a dynamic and creative experience that will challenge and stretch them to practice new behaviours and take a profound leap in their capability. 

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What Our Clients Say

“My coach has continually challenged me – constructively of course – and has provoked new insights and awareness that have really allowed me to understand how I work and engage in different circumstances. In every outcome the coaching has improved my own analysis and performance”.

Executive Director, Enterprise and Development

“Overall, my sessions equipped me to increase my performance by supporting me to develop my skills, behaviours and confidence.  This development would have been impossible in a group as it was so specific and personal, hence I had great traction.  My coach really listened to me and my personal challenges and was "with me" to find the solution. This was invaluable development that will impact all areas of my life going forward."

Group Head of Organisational Effectiveness

Quality Assurance

We’ve been specialists in behavioral change for over twenty years. Each of our executive coaches goes through the most rigorous and intense internal accreditation process.

And only then are they accredited to be a Maynard Leigh Executive Coach.

Maynard Leigh Associates is a member of the Association For Coaching and are committed to offering the highest standard of Coaching.


We begin every coaching intervention with diagnostic. This can take the form of a single coaching session or a conversation over the phone. You can then choose from the menu of coaching sessions below, or your executive coach will tailer a programme to suit your specific needs.

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