Humanity, Meaning, Vitality - Bringing this to the workplace is our core mission. It is also how we approach wellbeing.

People and their needs lie at the heart of everything we do, we are experts in helping our clients affect human behavior, empowering individuals to use their initiatives at work. This approach runs through all of Maynard Leigh's work. Certain issues directly reflect our approach to wellbeing. This includes standalone workshops, whether face to face or online.

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Are you looking for support in helping people improve their ability to manage their Wellbeing?

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Our Wellbeing Service

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Involving you

Individuals at work are responsible for their own well-being, although enlighted companies find ways to support them in such activities.

The nature of that help depends on the environment and culture in which people work. So, we collaborate closely with leaders and managers to create an environment where people can tackle their wellbeing and bring their best performance to work.

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WELLBEING: What is wellbeing?

We see wellbeing as a holistic approach, describing how people feel, function, and evaluate their lives personally and socially.

When people feel a sense of wellbeing the evidence is that it nurtures heightened levels of employee engagement.

WELLBEING: How does wellbeing affect productivity?

When people have a sense of wellbeing this can influence their engagement at work and therefore affect their performance.

At an individual or team level, wellbeing can prevent or reduce stress, and contribute to a positive working environment, where people can perform at their best.

WELLBEING: How does wellbeing link to emotional intelligence?

Leaders need to apply their emotional intelligence to understand what motivates and inspires people and builds wellbeing for individuals, teams, and the entire organisation.

For this, leaders need to use emotional intelligence, requiring empathy, compassion, and good listening skills.

These may require personal development, professional help, and enough time to practice and learn.

WELLBEING: Is wellbeing part of your company culture?

Organisations and their leaders often claim to believe in wellbeing and its benefits. Indeed, companies that actively pursue employee wellbeing outperform those that don't.

To ensure that well-being is sustainable, it should permeate the organisation's culture, or "the way we do things around here."

WELLBEING: Who will champion wellbeing in your company?

All employees have a personal stake in supporting the development of wellbeing. There must also be observable action on the ground, not just assurances of intention.

Successful organisations develop a corporate strategy that involves everyone in supporting the culture of wellbeing. What will you do about it?

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