We see wellbeing as a holistic approach, describing how people feed, function, and evaluate their lives personally and socially.

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Resilience is bounce-back-ability. This includes the ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

This session explores the need for resilience and how we can all draw on internal and external resources to recover from setbacks and give of our best.

  • Understand what happens to us when we are diminished by outside forces
  • Discover the internal, psychological resources to recover from setbacks
  • Devise strategies to anticipate and avoid things that attack our wellbeing
Managing and expressing feelings appropriately

Your Expresso session on this wellbeing issue is ready to go, now!

It is now accepted that the most effective managers and leaders are those that have high emotional and social intelligence. This comes naturally to some people, who deal with a wide range of encounters in a relaxed and rewarding way. Others must work hard at it. Some struggle with unmanaged feelings as they cause immense damage by unconsciously poisoning working environments.

This session explores tools and techniques to enhance our ability to manage and express our own emotions, including how to build healthy relationships.

  • Become more self-aware and manage feelings effectively
  • Bring a wider range of expression to communication and develop emotional flexibility
  • Understand others, use empathy, and build rapport
Producing results with reduced stress

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Modern-day working life puts enormous pressure on people. This is unavoidable. However, there is a difference between healthy pressure and toxic stress or strain. Successful people are those who can manage the pressure and deliver sustainable performance. That will entail making choices, prioritising, and occasionally saying ‘no.’

  • Identify and avoid the negative pressures that cause problems
  • Feel confident to assert yourself and manage your workload
  • Practise using the ‘positive no’ to ensure quality performance
Developing productive and nurturing relationships

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The quality of our working relationships fundamentally affects how effective we are in our jobs, and how happy and comfortable. This session explores the factors that influence the ease and productivity of a professional relationship. It allows participants to practise techniques to improve both.

  • Improve listening actively and with a purpose
  • Develop status and convey authority
  • Be more assertive about obtaining what they want from their communications
Managing other people's well-being

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Drawing outstanding performance from people demands high-level leadership skills. This workshop highlights the need for a people-centred approach to management; it also provides ideas for engaging people so that they deliver exceptional performance.

Taking responsibility for people's wellbeing is a key aspect of good leadership. So, leaders need to be able to adjust and adapt their style to the needs of their people.

  • Understand the four key elements that get people engaged
  • Improve insight to see what’s needed to ensure people perform well
  • Coach and develop people so that they can take more control over their lives
Revealing the sources of inspiring energy

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To inspire is literally to breathe in. That includes breathing in energy, optimism, a sense of connection and wellbeing - and thus accessing your essential life force.

Inspiration elevates performance to another level. We all have diverse sources of inspiration. And we all can inspire others.

  • Access your personal sources of inspiration
  • Communicate in a way that inspires others
  • Encourage others to remain inspired daily
Revealing the sources of inspiring energy

Your Expresso session on this wellbeing issue is ready to go, now!

Increasingly at work we are being asked to respond creatively to challenging situations. The 'same-old' won't do. Creativity is crucial for improved performance, but it is also enlivening and fun – thus essential to healthy working. This workshop is all about how to bring more creativity and innovation into your working life.

  • Overcome barriers to creativity and innovation
  • Practise tools and techniques to increase creative energy
  • Produce innovative ideas, and new behaviours
Developing a positive mental attitude

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Unlucky? Continually feeling you’re getting a raw deal? Don’t feel in control of your own fate? This session looks at how you, or your team, can put yourself back in control of your working life. It explores how you can help yourself and others to develop healthy and creative attitudes to changing or adverse circumstances.

  • Escape that feeling of powerlessness and identify areas of influence
  • Understand the importance of mental agility
  • Practise transforming negative approaches into a mindset that works
Goalsetting and time management

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For many people, the increasing pressure of working life means that it is extremely hard to get the right balance. Stress-related illnesses are on the increase. Now, more than ever, we need to find a way of supporting our wellbeing whilst delivering outstanding performance.

  • Focus on what's important rather than just what's urgent
  • Learn to switch off, relax and revitalise
  • Find a healthy balance between the demands of work and personal needs

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