Amy Franks

Executive Coach

Amy Franks has been coaching executives and professionals at all levels for the past 18 years.

Her passion for empowering and uplifting people feeds into the more specific work of managing difficult conversations, holding one’s nerve in high-pressure situations, and the fostering of productive and meaningful working relationships.

Amy started her career in journalism at Nottingham University which led her to write for many publications including the Times and Telegraph. She then trained as an actor, and, having joining Maynard Leigh Associates, embarked on a double career as theatre-director and communications consultant. These two jobs continually inform and enhance one another.

The combination of her craft as a journalist and her passion for coaching means Amy also has a strong instinct for helping people to express themselves well in writing. She designs and holds business writing workshops and in-depth one-to-ones with professionals wanting to nail important documents like promotion statements or sensitive written feedback.

People who work with Amy often comment on her relational style and how swiftly she identifies the subtle issues that make the big difference.

Her numerous clients from across all sectors have included Visa, Cancer Research UK, HM Treasury, Northumbria University, Capgemini, Electronic Arts, GlaxoSmithKline, Mercer and most recently Birkbeck University and Parker Hannifin.

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