Andrew Leigh

founder of Maynard Leigh

Andrew is the Co-founder of Maynard Leigh.

Andrew Leigh is author of over a dozen books on management, many translated around the world. His book Charisma has been translated into over 17 languages and his long running Essentials of Management has been shortlisted for Book of Year award by the Chartered Institute of Management.

Andrew writes a regular blog about Ethical Leadership issues at Originally trained as an economist, he has an MA in the field of Human Resources, and is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Andrew started his working career in marketing, later joining The Observer newspaper as a business feature writer. His regular newspaper column on Social Services led to a natural move into local government, where he established and managed a large research and development unit in a London local authority.

On becoming Assistant Director of Social Work, he led a diverse range of teams, concluding his period in the public sector by setting up and managing a large Adult Service division with over 1000 staff and numerous residential homes and day centres.

With his fellow director Michael Maynard, Andrew founded Maynard Leigh Associates in 1989, now a leading UK development company specialising in helping clients achieve behavioural change, at the individual, team and corporate levels.

The company’s clients include Aviva, Barclaycard, DHL, KPMG, Ernst and Young and Visa.

As a consultant, Andrew advises companies on creating effective people development programmes, particularly ones dealing with cultural change.

Andrew's new book on Ethical Leadership discusses creating and Sustaining an Ethical Business Culture.

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