Anne-Marie Piazza

Anne-Marie brings her expertise in communication, innate passion and sense of playfulness to everything she does.    

Having been an actor, multi-instrumentalist and writer, she is used to drawing on a wide variety of skills to get the job done and knows both what it’s like to be in the spotlight and put on the spot. As a result, her drive as a coach is to help people think creatively and outside of their normal pattern of behaviour, unearthing and expanding their untapped talents.

One of Anne-Marie’s enduring passions is storytelling – the stories we tell ourselves, that shape us and the lives of those around us. It led her to study English Literature at Durham, join the acting profession as a way of bringing these to a wider audience and, more recently, to set up her own recording studio at home to produce audiobooks. Her work with Maynard Leigh is primarily about people exploring and take charge of their own story. Learning to speak with authenticity, they can find the best ways to communicate their personal narrative and increase the impact and influence that they have.

Anne-Marie's freelance work has enabled her to work in a wide range of industries so she often has firsthand experience of a client’s needs. Clients she has worked for with Maynard Leigh include Veeva, Simon Kucher, Roche and Penguin Random House.

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