Juliette Welch

Marketing Manager at Maynard Leigh

Juliette is Marketing Manager at Maynard Leigh.

Juliette joined Maynard Leigh in October 2018. Her role involves promoting the work that MLA do through digital media, content strategy, website management and event promotion. She is also responsible for market research, reporting and marketing collateral. 

She has a background in working with professional development, e-learning and vocational training in a marketing and sales capacity. Previously she has been involved with the maritime industry, and has written and produced content on championing continuous professional development within shipping. She holds a BA in English, specialising in contemporary literature, dramatic theory and film. 

Outside of work Juliette enjoys travel, learning new languages and experiencing new cultures. She is also a keen brewer and has completed qualifications with the Institute of Brewing & Distilling. 

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