Laura Hooper

Executive Coach

Laura has over 10 years’ experience as an executive coach, workshop leader and workshop programme developer. She balances this with an international career as an actress, voice over artist, writer, director and producer which brought her from London to New York five years ago. 


Laura has run three theatre companies and set up her own training and development company for which she specialises in working with participants with English as a second language. She has worked in numerous roles for Advertising Agencies, Law Firms, Charities, Talent Agencies, Accounting Firms, Media Firms, Hotels and in Education and from her experiences in these fields, understands the challenges of the corporate working world. 


As an actress, writer and director Laura knows the power of effective communication and how to convey your message with efficiency and impact. She firmly believes in speaking from the heart, 100% commitment and attempting to have a jolly good time in the process. 


For Maynard Leigh she has worked globally for clients such as; Ernst & Young (UK), Barclays (UK), Barclaycard (UK), BHS (UK), Red Bull (UK), Leo Burnett (Dubai), Electronic Arts (UK and Spain), Bertelsmann (Germany and Poland), DHL (UK and Czech Republic), T Mobile (UK and Germany), Westminster Drugs Project (UK), Chubb (UK), Credit Suisse (UK), West Harlem Group (US), NJR Clean Energy (US), and UBS (US). 


Laura joined Maynard Leigh in 2005 and is delighted to support and champion the company's expansion into America now and going forward.


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