Sanyukta Saha


She identifies herself as a designer of transformative experiences. She believes that theatre is full of surprises and many magical moments.

With Maynard Leigh Associates, she hopes to expand the sphere of influence of drama and its powers to the world of business and the many individual who live within it.

She brings her decade long experience as a theatre practitioner, educator, and facilitator to increase her participants’ personal effectiveness.

She has a postgraduate degree from the University of Leeds in Theatre and Development Studies. It was here that she engaged deeply with the possibilities of applying theatre in education, therapy, and in working with communities. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of Aagaaz, a not-for-profit dedicated to creating spaces for learning and critical thought in an attempt to weave a more equitable urban fabric. "Engaging children and young adults across social and geographical boundaries, we relentlessly question ‘what is’ to probe ‘what could and should be’ to learn ways to act and perform beyond just the stage". A group of adolescents from Nizamuddin Basti form the core of the organization.

She has been able to transition from her life as a practitioner of arts to someone who also leads a successful arts organization. Leadership, organizational structures, strategies and human resource dynamics are of deep interest to her.

As a leader she strives to create a space that is centred on people and their shared values. With MLA, her core areas of workshop delivery have been building professional presence, personal branding, executive presence, presentation skills, motivation, peak performance, impactful facilitation, and training of trainers. She has engaged with companies like Cognizant, GSK, SpiceJet, McKinsey, EY, Dunnhumby, NGK, Canara HSBC, Sopra Steria, Pernod Ricard, Delta, and many more.

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