Sarah Phibbs-Moss

Marketing Project and Events Manager

Sarah is Maynard Leigh's Marketing Project and Events Manager.

Sarah joined Maynard Leigh in December 2013. Since graduating with a BA Hons in Theatre Studies, combined with Marketing, Sarah has worked in executive marketing positions across multiple industries such as, media, fashion, property, and entertainment (both in front and behind the scenes).

Sarah has brought her creativity, drive, strong vision and expertise to Maynard Leigh. She has an adept ability to recognise gaps in the market and anticipate client's needs and wants. Her energy is now being used to design and implement marketing strategies, align brand identity, and execute large-scale events, and has recently led Maynard Leigh through an entire brand refresh on a global scale.

Outside of the corporate world Sarah's passion for helping others reach their potential continues in her studying for an Advanced Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling. She has trained and worked as an actress, a performance artist, and has been the lead vocalist and lyricist/singer-songwriter of two critically acclaimed bands. Sarah has also been an event curator for Shoreditch’s indoor art & music festival - COUP! 

She feels passionate, excited and very much at home working for Maynard Leigh, which has a proven track record of making the world a better place.

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