Steeve Gupta

Founding Partner & Principal Consultant

"For over a decade now, I have worked with people using a mix of theatre, various forms of therapy and Learning & Development tools. The aim is to enable learning through creating space for perspectives, in-the-body experiences and building the muscle of inner dialogue. In my work, leaders and individuals alike take responsibility to become more present and purposeful in their responses.”

Steeve has led Maynard Leigh’s India presence for over a decade.

He carries with him deep insight into people’s behaviour, his experience of working with thousands of leaders, his commitment to creating an engaging, experiential and partnership based learning environment.

His focus is on ensuring that businesses and individuals gain from the time spent in workshops. This is what make him a relevant and necessary part of the learning community. His love for using drama, narrative therapy, people’s movement to study behaviour and in-depth understanding of business is what drives him to be a partner in Maynard Leigh Associates India.

Having studied how successful theatre ensembles perform, how a director unlocks the potential of an actor, how feedback is given, how actors make audiences feel various emotions, how improvisation teams deal with the unknown and change; Steeve has developed an understanding of the working and principles of theatre which come in handy in the corporate and personal worlds.

Steeve graduated as an MBA, top of his college, with a perfect GPA, from UC Florida. He is also certified in Counselling, SFBT and Narrative therapy. His past experiences as an entrepreneur include leading a BPO, a textile company and a telecom consultancy.

As a leader at MaynardLeigh, Steeve focuses on the community living their values. A Harvard Business case study on Maynard Leigh Associates India, reveals the lengths he will go to remain true to these values. Internally, Steeve also aids in the development of content and consultants.

Steeve has worked with and consulted for Aricent, Airtel, AON Hewitt, American Express, Alcatel Lucent, Amdocs, Bharti Infratel, Birlasoft, Cognizant, Coca-Cola, Glaxo Smith Kline, Dell Perot, Edelweiss, EY, Genpact, IDFC, Rediffusion DY, RBS, Max Bupa, Max Life, McKinsey and Company, Punj Lloyd, NEC HCL, SopraSteria, Sunlife, Suzuki, UNICEF and many other organisations.

His areas of exploration include impact, presence, motivation for peak performance, teaming and vital leadership. In recent years, he has been keenly working in the areas of unconscious bias, inequality, inclusion, power and privilege.

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