Make Mine a Mentor

By Andrew Leigh 24th October 2018 Leadership

Do you have a mentor? Many successful people have a close friend or colleague from whom they draw wisdom, advice and knowledge. The right mentor relationship however is two-way, not one-way.

Nor can you simply whistle up a suitable mentor just because it’s regarded as a good idea. If possible aim to attract a mentor through your work and other activities. Put simply, are you the sort of person someone would want to mentor? Show people you’re excelling in your career and producing impressive results, and the chances are they’ll want to mentor you without you having to make a direct request. 

What should you look for in a mentor? Here are five essentials to track down in a potential mentor:

Building a mentoring culture in which mentoring happens widely takes time and commitment. At Maynard Leigh Associates, we’ve worked with a number of organisations over the last thirty years to help establish such initiatives. These enable leaders, teams and individuals to create and implement solutions specific to their organisation, and to locate inspiring mentors.

Supporting people in their performance requires far more than direction or instruction. Great mentors willingly invest time in the development of people and their ability. They use insight – looking at what it would take to lead each person towards their full potential.

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