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Read our Talent Engagement whitepaper to improve employee engagement, or download the 11 quantified benefits identified by MacLeod.

We have always argued that engaging talent is key to success in business. The government sponsored MacLeod Report underlines this view. Maynard Leigh has used its experience in working with behavioural change since 1989 to create a "how to" guide based on the McLeod report - Talent Engagement: How to Unlock People's Potential.

The MacLeod Report offers evidence of positive correlation between engaging talent = improved performance = higher revenue (and less turnover costs). It also illustrates the necessity of strong leadership, soft skills and the roles of both employers and employees in engaging for success.

Stuart Mackenzie, Maynard Leigh Associates' CEO, comments on the MacLeod Report: 

"We wholeheartedly welcome this report. It raises again the issue that is core to our work - that people are central to an organisation's success and therefore what is required is people-centred leadership. In the phoney 'war for talent' we are told talent is supposedly scarce. Yet, we believe that by engaging people you release their talent, and suddenly talent is abundant. The MacLeod Report bears this out and that rather than operating an elitist star system, in which only high potentials are treated as 'the talent', companies are more successful if they see themselves as ensembles. A strategy of employee engagement is therefore a powerful force for growing everyone's talent and growing the organisation. Our model of what produces engagement is called VIDI in which people become engaged if they feel:

  • Valued
  • Involved
  • Developed
  • Inspired

It is the leader's role to create the circumstances in which people can feel these positives. Only then do people produce outstanding performance. Only then is an individual's potential unlocked, and with that, the organisation's potential."

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