Personal Impact - Do It Now Cards


This pack of Do It Now Personal Impact cards are a practical resource to help deepen your learning experience with Maynard Leigh.

Personal Impact is based on the simple principles of 'Aim, Be yourself, Chemistry' 

This pack of 'Do It Now Action cards' can be used weekly as there are 52 cards in each pack. They are part of the 6 set series - Do It Now Lead With Impact cards which can also be purchased; Engaging Talent, Presentation Impact, Communication & Impact, Lead With Impact and Team Impact.  

Each week, pick a card to reveal a Maynard Leigh tip on how to transform your presentation skills, along with an action point designed by our experienced executive coaches, and an inspirational quote.  

Not only are these a practical and 'easy to use' set of action cards, they can also be used as classic playing cards with all the suits and jokers to boot.   

The price of each pack is £10.00, inc postage and packaging.  

Delivery takes up to two business days, upon receipt of payment.  

Below is an example of some of the cards you can expect to see in your pack...

Improving Performance Dramatically

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