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Maynard Leigh India’s Ethical Leadership seminar shows the way to global success

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Maynard Leigh India is running an Ethical Leadership Seminar on 13th December 2016.

"Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do" - Potter Stewart.

Maynard Leigh's co-founder - Andrew Leigh will share how in an increasingly complex and fast changing world, the business world needs a better understanding of the following:

We offer:

You are invited to come along to brainstorm and network with over 200 industry leaders and decision makers.

Other guest speakers include: Rohit Mali, CHRO-AON Hewitt - a leading provider of risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage and human resource consulting. 

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For more information about Andrew Leigh and Ethical Leadership please visit 

To make an equiry about the event please contact Varun +91 9560192443 / E: / Jigyasa +91 9717922445 / Rohit +91 9717922446

Unlocking Potential

"It totally exceeded my expectations. Very hands-on with many techniques to help manage the process of presenting. Really like the way the course put the audience at the heart of the presentation."

Rochelle Jayawardena, Centaur Media

"The benefit and effect was tremendous. It was definitely worth every penny we invested, they are state of the art in what they do."

Brano Hosek, Senior Expert of Group Performance Development Deutsche Telekom

"So today I completed my first presentation, WOW! I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it."

Simon Dennis, Manager Wickes

"Engage and inspire is a great course, better than any other training course I’ve taken…exceeded my expectations"


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