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Annual breakfast seminar

Join us at Sadler's Wells theatre on June 25 2019 for "CHAOS: Self-Mastery in Tempestuous Times"

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Self-Mastery in Tempestuous Times

Chaos is defined as change that is happening more quickly than we can adapt to it.

It’s very hard, therefore, for people to function effectively in times of uncertainty and disruption.

“If you’re not confused, you don’t fully understand what’s going on” - Ed Murrow

This breakfast seminar will provide some answers to the burning questions… When faced with disruption, how can you still:

Using techniques from the performing arts, it will explore how we can use insight to see situations accurately, reflection to respond to them positively, imagination to create choices and our sense of direction to stimulate action.

Unlocking Potential

"Extremely interesting, thought provoking, challenging and informative. After preparing a presentation, the feedback and strategies that were given to me will really help me going forward and I will definitely be putting them into practice."

Helen Hubberstey, Area Manager Humankind

"The trainers were excellent. They handled the group so well with diplomacy, empathy and respect for our opinions. I felt very connected with them which made the course so useful."

Juliet Mather, Recruitment Officer University of Bath

"It totally exceeded my expectations. Very hands-on with many techniques to help manage the process of presenting. Really like the way the course put the audience at the heart of the presentation."

Rochelle Jayawardena, Centaur Media

"The benefit and effect was tremendous. It was definitely worth every penny we invested, they are state of the art in what they do."

Brano Hosek, Senior Expert of Group Performance Development Deutsche Telekom

"Really engaging and I came out with way more advice and improvements than I expected. Especially around acting confident."

Jonny Scherrer, IT Team Lead Ocado

Improving Performance Dramatically

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