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Tough Time

Hannes Handael (VP of MNC Sales Germany) had a challenge for Maynard Leigh. His team needed to enhance their pitches and presentations in order to reclaim lost market share. Eight experienced senior leaders, all good at presentations but needing to improve on engagement, passion and inspiration. Team spirit was also suffering, with tricky relationship dynamics and a lack of alignment. Hannes wanted someone to challenge the individuals and inspire them to be more collaborative and creative.

No ordinary workshop was going to be able to achieve the results required from the situation encountered. It would require a powerful workshop and some extraordinary facilitation. The Maynard Leigh coach Nigel Hughes corralled the team, using insight and experience. He engaged with and transformed all obstacles of resistance, nerves and antagonism, harnessing those energies to produce an inspirational result.

By creating a permissive environment, in which people could express themselves honestly, give and receive feedback, take risks and practice effective behaviours, they were able to address any hidden agenda and unproductive team dynamics. By the end of the day they were working together collaboratively with trust and courage, producing outstanding presentations, offering improvement initiatives within the team, and committing to action plans to take the work forward. Alignment was unanimous and united.

"We have never done anything like this before. It made a real difference. The day was very engaging, inspiring (and exhausting). We all learned a lot from Nigel and each other and are able to apply the 5 Ps into our pitches. I look forward to continuing this process..."

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