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Does your leadership make an impact and is it effective? Our profile tool supports you in identifying your leadership style through self-assessment and feedback from your team, giving you insight into your impact.

Leadership Profile

The Maynard Leigh leadership development method uses the 7 Is of Leadership explained in our book The Perfect Leader. Our personal development courses are highly flexible and can easily be delivered to achieve rapid personal change. We can assist with any form of personal performance issue, as well as offering professional development courses to lead an entire business towards a culture of success.

The profile examines inspirational leadership. It reveals personal strengths and development needs across the 7 Is:

To complete a profile the leader invites up to five colleagues or supporters to provide confidential and anonymous responses about the leader's inspirational impact. The leader's own scores are compared with those of the five supporters in a series of charts and detailed tables. The profile, completed online, provides a focus for development needs and offers a template for planning a personal development programme.

Companies such as Hewlett Packard, First Data, Norton Health Care and Cornhill Insurance have found the profile practical and offering useful insight into leaders' strengths and development needs.

Each profile report includes up to 30 minutes telephone coaching from an experienced Maynard Leigh coach. Alternatively, we provide face-to-face coaching on request. To purchase the profile service please contact us on info@maynardleigh.co.uk or call +44 207 033 2370.

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