Bharat Babbar


Bharat carries with himself a decade’s worth of experience as a facilitator.

To quote (and adapt) J.R.R. Tolkien; “One Ring to rule them all, One ring to find them; One ring to bring them all and in the light, release them.”

In Bharat’s case, the “One ring” is synonymous with stories. His and yours. He believes these stories are powerful reflections of ourselves, where we find clues about what’s working brilliantly for us and what could be better. Seeking these stories has led him to some very interesting places and profound experiences.

From teaching acting at The Barry John Acting Studio in Delhi & Mumbai, working with youth at a juvenile detention facility for a NGO called STEP, to remote towns and villages in Chattisgarh – a project done in association with UNICEF, exploring conflict-resolution at various camps in a region torn apart by the conflict between the Indian army and Naxalites, to making films in Los Angeles, working in collaboration with people from around the world - to even behind the camera at the IIFA Awards!

Bharat is from a business family in New Delhi and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Delhi University. He’s taught acting at the Barry John Acting Studio for four years and has acted in numerous plays, films, TV and commercials.

Clients appreciate his ability to create a dynamic and collaborative environment, where they explore and challenge boundaries of peak performance together, create a space to practice and rehearse, come up with practical ideas and practices that can then be applied to the workplace to achieve measurable results.

Bharat has worked as a performance coach with many individuals and teams, facilitating their journey towards being impactful, collaborative, trusting, empathetic, creative and dynamic!

His regular clients include RBS, MaxLife, Cognizant, Ernst & Young, McKinsey, Coca Cola, Pearson, John Deere, Macquarie, Sterlite, Muratec, Penguin Random House and many others.

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