Christopher Simpson

Executive Coach

Christopher’s interest in identity and transformation informs all his work. When leading courses on presentations and communication, he brings passion and dynamism to bring forth an individual’s convincing and distinctive communication style. He works with people on their awareness, insight, and flexibility to enable them to navigate many diverse interactions.

Drawing upon his extensive experience of performance and creativity which consider the psychological, physical, and cognitive capacities, his pragmatic approach works towards a practical undertaking which is unique for each client.

As a coach, Christopher has worked with people from a wide range of backgrounds and varied levels of seniority and enjoys bringing his attentive curiosity to their specific challenges. He has designed team-building exercises for fractured teams and relishes in unpicking the complexities and peculiarities that arise in working collaborations.

As a professional actor he has worked in theatre, television, and film. His wider creative practises have included radio documentary, mask-making, song-writing, film direction, as well as extensive experience teaching acting methodologies, directing theatre, and coaching other actors.

Clients have included EY, TEVA, Merkle, Last Second Tickets, and Particip.

"Christopher is a very personable trainer, who managed to
find the things I needed to improve. I genuinely felt like he
 got to know me within the day."
Richard Hasler, Senior Business Consultant at eFront

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