Phil Peacock

Executive Coach

Phil has a passionate belief that learning and development should be enjoyable and stimulating experiences for people, and he strives to bring creativity and a practical focus to all his work with clients. 

As a Client Director, he’s responsible for developing business and managing relationships with many of Maynard Leigh’s key clients including Deutsche Telekom, Bertelsmann, Roland Berger, a major global pharmaceutical, and Cancer Research UK. He has worked with these and other clients over several years, and always looks to build long term partnerships.

He is tenacious when it comes to fully understanding a client’s challenges, issues and culture, so he can ensure that the solutions he offers are wholly relevant, as well as exciting and stretching for the people involved.

As a Performance Coach, whether working with groups or coaching individuals, he’s committed to helping each person be the best version of themselves they can be in their work, and having the impact they genuinely want on the people they lead, report to, or work with.

Before working in the corporate sector Phil was a director and actor in theatre. What he learned as a director about setting an inspiring vision, and drawing the best contribution and performance from a team of individuals with diverse skills, experience and styles (while under tight time pressure and budget constraints), informs his work with leaders and managers today.

Much of that work focuses on how individuals can inspire, lead and develop their teams, how they coach and motivate others – particularly in uncertain or difficult circumstances – and how they lead people through cultural or organisational change. 

“With Phil I was fortunate to find a happy medium. Enough direct input to keep me thinking and on my toes, enough structure to keep us on course, yet enough space to allow the unexpected in and surprise insights and solutions to blossom. My enormous gratitude goes to Phil, for seeing me through a tricky leadership transition.”  Operations Director Green Light Trust

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