Terry Holmes

Executive Coach

Terry has over twenty years’ experience as a performance coach and workshop facilitator.

As a Client Director and leader of cultural change programmes, Terry is able to ‘get under the skin’ of an organisation. By building strong relationships and a commitment to work in partnership she is able to instigate effective behavioural change.

Terry is passionate about enabling her clients to reach their full potential in the current challenging climate. She works internationally and is particularly interested in promoting cross-cultural understanding and collaboration. Aware of how differing cultural assumptions can cause fault lines in global businesses, she has considerable experience of unpicking and negotiating the conflict provoked by difference, whilst encouraging and harnessing difference as strength.

Terry develops and delivers programs across the board, with particular interest in; Leadership, Coaching for High Performance, Presentation, Communication and Collaboration.

Her background as an actress contributes to her engaging and relational style. With a number of individual coaching clients at senior and executive level, Terry works with them to enhance their effectiveness in their role, whilst increasing their capacity to effect positive change within their organisations.

A wide range of clients include; DHL, Ocado, Humankind, Bearing Point, The Body Shop, UCL, M&G, Penguin Random House and the NHS

Improving Performance Dramatically

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