Will Hartley

Executive Coach

Will believes fundamentally in passion, kindness, and active listening. He hopes to bring a sense of fun and lightness, to enable people to step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves.

With a background in live comedy, screen writing, and national touring, Will’s experience performing in front of thousands and creating projects with a can-do attitude infuses his own coaching process. How do we achieve what we set out to achieve? How can we remain our authentic selves? How (whisper it) can we have fun whilst doing so?

At the heart of everything for Will lies Storytelling. Your story, his story, the stories of everyone else – and how we all fit in with one another. How do we communicate effectively in a world of egos and anxieties? How do we focus on what is important to our fundamental selves? These are the questions which drive Will and feed the energy and humour he brings to his coaching.

Improving Performance Dramatically

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