Are your graduate employees making the most of their 'personal impact' at work?

By Simone Watson 28th November 2017 Communication

Many of your junior employees who are new to the company may have joined you straight from university, or been part of an internal undergraduate programme. Whilst rigorous checks have been done to ensure they have the right skills and mindset to add to the culture of your organisation, they may not have had much professional working experience, and some may struggle to have the impact that is needed in the workplace when communicating and connecting with colleagues and clients at all levels. 

Many of our clients tell us that their undergraduates or new starters at junior level struggle to have a voice in the room, and lack the confidence and conviction to put their ideas on the table or speak up in meetings, often when they have a valuable contribution to make.

The knock on effect of not investing in people at this level is that they become at risk of not being their most effective in a role and this can have a long-term effect on their relationships within the organisation and with clients. This may affect the career development of very capable individuals, your talent pipeline, and ultimately how effective your organisation is. 

Much of the successes we have at work and throughout our careers are because of the confidence we have in our own abilities combined with our ability to build effective and productive relationships with our colleagues, within our team and also with clients.  This typically comes from experience, so how can we expect our new employees to relate well with others when at this stage in their lives they are still finding out who they are, what their values are and how best to communicate this?

The personal impact they have on others is often determined by how they enter a room, shake hands, dress, express themselves and by how they influence and convince others. It’s even more important to make a lasting impression by getting their message across effectively and creating the right personal chemistry with others. 

Our Personal Impact course helps participants to build the internal confidence to tackle situations where they need to influence others, convince colleagues to implement an idea, participate in and lead meetings, as well as work-based social functions. 

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