How could VR improve the effectiveness of communication training?

At Maynard Leigh Associates, we know the benefit experiential training can have. When participants are effectively immersed in an interactive environment they have improved memory recall, a greater emotional connection to the training, and give more positive feedback.

We've been pioneering immersive experiences in learning and development for three decades and are always looking for new ways to engage with participants and improve ROI for our learning partners. That's why we've partnered with Marmot Labs, who have developed a rehearsal space for communication coaching - through virtual reality.

Using a VR headset, we can allow individuals being coached in public speaking the opportunity to speak in front of an audience without an audience present.

We want to make sure that all of our new developments are as relevant as possible, so in partnership with Marmot Labs we're conducting research into how VR can help make communication training more effective. You can read our findings by clicking "Download Publication". 

Improving Performance Dramatically

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