We all know people who have charisma. They exude confidence and charm, and connect effortlessly with those around them. With ease, they gain trust, agreement and admiration. Want to have it too?

Charisma reveals how. Learn to generate your own personal palette of impact skills, establish a rapport with everyone you meet and convey gravitas wherever you go. Find out how to harness the powerful effects of charisma to improve all aspects of your life.

Andrew Leigh is an expert on what it takes to make a positive personal impact. in this new, extended edition of his bestselling book, you'll discover the tools and techniques to build the essential skills that will make you really stand out form the crowd. You'll exude confidence and magnetism, connect with people with ease, gain their attention, trust and admiration and leave a long, lasting and indelible impression.

The price of Charisma is £10.99 plus postage and packaging (£3.00)

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