An international luxury hotel and resort company

Our Challenge

We worked with an international luxury hotel company operating in more than fifteen countries around the world. They recently opened a new luxury property in London and looked to Maynard Leigh for support in preparing the brand new sales and marketing team.  

It was important for the team to be able to embody and reflect the unique vision of the property to prospective clients. Maynard Leigh ran a tailored, two-day Engage and Inspire programme for the team, helping them bring more individuality, confidence and difference to how they engage with customers and guests. This took place in London at Bath Place and the Fortune Theatre, and focused strongly on personal expression and influencing relationship dynamics, accented around their corporate vision.

The participants of the course left the day as a strongly bound team, feeling confident, inspired and ready to implement everything they had learned.

"I got more than I wanted and left feeling proud of the team, I didn't think I was going to enjoy it but I loved it!"

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