Virtual Presentation


A half-day live, virtual instructor-led training session on effective Virtual Presentation. As with all Maynard Leigh interventions, this will be an interactive learning experience, with individual feedback, exercises, tips and techniques.

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Based on our successful Virtual Presenting With Presence workshop, the session will cover:

Screen set up: how to arrange the webcam, lighting and background for maximum effect

Eye contact: its importance in creating relationships and how to overcome the challenges presented by the technology

Opening well: establishing yourself as a credible authority

Energy: ‘real life + 10%’ to help you get past the restrictions of the virtual format

Pausing: giving your audience time to digest what you’re saying and you time to think

By attending participants will:

Learn to:

• Establish a connection and build rapport in a virtual setting

• Deliver impactful virtual communications


• Ready to give their best virtually

• More confident in the medium

• Aware of a virtual audience's experience

Be more able to:

• Influence a virtual audience

• Extend their range of expression

• Project authority and gravitas

• Use the hands, face and voice for maximum impact

Unlocking Potential

"They allow you to be you and feel confident to say what you think. It allows you to really delve into the leader that you are and how to further improve."

Camila Horner, Finance Lead Humankind

"Extremely interesting, thought provoking, challenging and informative. After preparing a presentation, the feedback and strategies that were given to me will really help me going forward and I will definitely be putting them into practice."

Helen Hubberstey, Area Manager Humankind

"Absolutely excellent, the best course I have been on ever."

Karen Polly, Key Account Manager Menarini

"The trainers were excellent. They handled the group so well with diplomacy, empathy and respect for our opinions. I felt very connected with them which made the course so useful."

Juliet Mather, Recruitment Officer University of Bath

"The course goes beyond presentation skills. The principles can be applied in many other situations. Learned to trust myself, keep calm, and also how to captivate an audience."

Gabriela Montalvo, Project Manager Particip


To find out more about our in-house course and costs please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

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