A multinational technology company

Our Challenge

We were approached by a leading multinational company with a global team of over 150,000 who wanted to create a development journey for their emerging leaders. This company, which provides digital, technology, consultancy, and operational services is a member of the NASDAQ 100 and on the Fortune 500 list. 

They had two particular pain points - they wanted to help their leaders impact and influence stakeholders, both internal and external, and also they wanted to develop their people's leadership acumen. These were employees who had grown organically within the organisation, and whilst they had a wealth of technical knowledge, they lacked the ability to manage effectively.

Maynard Leigh Associates created an experiential journey that spanned three months. As a result of this journey, participants walked away feeling inspired to lead in an exciting way, sensitive to others, and ready to engage in results-driven collaboration.

Our feedback

“Earlier meetings used to linger on. Now I clarify the aim, set the context and ensure everyone is able to stick to the agenda.”

“I do detailed planning before initiating a new project. I'm clear with my numbers, statistics, work items and allocation. Escalations have reduced from 2-3 per day to 1-2 per week.”

“I am able to save an hour and a half every day by effectively delegating and building a strong second line.”

“Earlier I would feel a disconnect when interacting with senior leadership. Now I am aware of my body language and communication patterns. I’m able to maintain eye contact and assertively communicate. Now the work gets done quicker.”

“I was able to use situational leadership to do a deep dive analysis of my team members. I was then able to use that information to present a clear road map to the client, which made the client happy.”

“A client had apprehensions with regards to resource loading. I used the influencing technique shared by MLA to convince them. The client gave feedback that the conversation was well structured and had clarity.”

"A big thank you for changing my life so dramatically! No words to express the level of joy and confidence I am getting after attending the workshop! Truly marvellous!!” 

"Even after 6 months of the training program, participants still recall Maynard Leigh sessions vividly," the learning and development SPOC told us. "Most of them fondly remember the facilitators’ names and recall certain concepts learnt. The theatre based approach and no PowerPoint slides really were a welcome break to participants. Most associates are able to appreciate the value of preparing for a presentation or meeting and think about various associated aspects. There is greater awareness in their messaging and communication. Some associates have been able to increase their team engagement as well as client engagement levels through these sessions."

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